PLS is a manufacturing company of customised furniture, working with Architects, Interior Designers and firms.

The business began in 1981 as a craft workshop in Piazzola sul Brenta in the Padua province, to then be extended and modernised at the end of 2000.

In 1990 the company decided to specialise in Classic furniture in French Directory style, producing furnishing accessories made entirely from solid wood. Production was then integrated with semi-finished components for wine and food industry furnishings.

Customized production has been in place since 2005, gradually acquiring experience in the Contract sector assisting customers in their choices with a professional, skilled and precise service.

Ongoing development of our staff’s skills, our ability to listen to our customers’ needs and, above all, our ability to interpret, understand and produce them, are all features that distinguish our production.

We achieve this through our love for our work, putting all our passion into creating a lifestyle.

Paolo Segato, Massimo Segato, Cristina Segato


  • Considerations on feasibility requests.

    We actively collaborate with our customers, producing 2D and 3D drawings, and together we evaluate each single step in producing the design. We discuss the problems that could arise from the specific use and destination for the furniture in question.
  • Choice of materials to guarantee stability.

    There is a wide range of materials available on the market, but not everything… In order to obtain the Legal Standard Certifications, according to the type of furniture and location, we recommend materials that are made specifically, to guarantee the best quality in terms of stability without ever overlooking the final requirements regarding design.
  • Carefully studied production for precise assembly work.

    The final assembly is a very important aspect of the furniture, and is performed by external assemblers, and hence the need for very precise details. The processing phases are programmed by computer during the initial design phase. Each element made using numerically controlled machinery is coded; this enables creating a packing list where each single part is identified, essential information for both painting and the assembler.
  • Painting and assembly | Chosen by the customer.

    To respect the customers’ needs to keep the current finishes, or when collaborating with architects and interior designers, we are also able to deliver the unpainted furniture. Alternatively the pieces can be painted, packaged and assembled by our trusted and expert colleagues.



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